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PRODUCT INFORMATION: You will receive a premium Deezer account including details of the e-mail address with password

Q: How long will this work?

A: You can choose 6 months or 12 months

Q: My premium no longer works, what should I do?

A: contact us through Live Chat or on Discord, we will fix it.

Q: If my premium ends before the warranty expires?

A: We guarantee 6-12 Months of warranty depending on what plan you bought, if any problems arise within this time, we will fix it.


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Deezer Premium | Private

Private Account
Private Account

6 Months Private Account


12 Months Private Account


Frequently Asked Questions

We sell premium accounts, license keys and games for a cheap price. We believe that you should not be overpaying to enjoy these services.

In short, yes the services we offer are legit. We don’t reveal our methods but we have our own methods for getting these services for a cheap price. For any question contact us via live chat or discord. You can always check our reviews

If your account stopped working or if you have any other issue, please go join our discord https://discord.gg/SW9DNcQtns  or talk to us in live chat and our team will solve your problem as fast as possible.

Most of our products are delivered to your email instantly, however not all products so be sure to check out the delivery time. For almost all products it is within 24H

We are sorry to hear that, just contact us and we will give a replacement.

For now we accept:
Bitcoin Cash

If you want to pay with PayPal please contact us on Discord: https://discord.gg/SW9DNcQtns Or contact us through our Live Chat.

Yes! Feel free to resell any of our products, you can contact us for cheaper prices.

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Announcement 📢

PayPal isn’t currently available on our website at the moment.

But don’t worry, you can still use it! Just reach out to us via Discord or our Live Chat (bottom right corner)